Loan for wedding: the Italians are getting married again!

In the period from 2008 to 2014, fewer weddings were celebrated: 10,000 less each year. Starting from 2015, however, the trend started to grow again + 2.4% compared to the previous year. What is this recovery due to? One of the main hypotheses is the exit from the famous “crisis” period. However, there is a second phenomenon that is growing and that acts as a driving force for the celebration of the sacred event: the request for a loan for marriage.


The secret to the wedding? Apply for a wedding loan

wedding loan

More and more Italians are turning to financial institutions to celebrate the fateful “yes”. To apply for a loan for marriage are mostly men around 41 years. In fact, as confirmed by Istat data, the average age at which we arrive at the altar continues to postpone each year. What is this slip due to? Mainly due to the unfavorable economic situation that has forced more and more young people to delay the natural cycle of adult life, sealing it all with an increasingly late marriage.
The record for the greater concentration of wedding ceremonies is Campania, followed by Calabria and Lombardy. The period when the demand is highest is in the spring, the perfect time to celebrate the wedding. In the same regions there is also the greatest demand for loans for marriage and the average amounts are around 12,000 dollars.


How much does a wedding cost on average?

wedding loans

Who better to answer this question than a wedding planner? Anna Pettinzoli, who professionally organizes weddings on behalf of a well-known Sardinian company, said in several interviews for well-known national newspapers, that for a traditional wedding with about 80 guests, the costs between clothes, location rental and catering are between 15 and 30 thousand dollars approximately.

Weddings therefore represent one of the main reasons from which a need for liquidity can arise. The wedding loan quickly solves this need and allows you to face and organize one of the most important moments of each family in complete serenity.


What are the most affordable forms of wedding loan?

What are the most affordable forms of wedding loan?

Depending on your needs and use, you have a series of alternatives: you can opt for a personal loan or you can move towards the transfer of the fifth. The latter type of financing allows higher amounts to be repaid within a maximum period of 10 years, often benefiting from a cheaper interest rate. You can make a simulation of the assignment of the free fifth directly on our site to understand if this form of loan is suitable for your needs.