Italians apply for loans: more debtors than savers!

Is it true that Italians are a people of savers? If you consider the first house, absolutely yes, in fact, one Italian out of three has a house, but how did they buy the house? Always one Italian out of three has taken out a mortgage with an average monthly payment of 360 dollars. A reflection could arise spontaneously: can a person be considered to have a home if he is still paying the mortgage? The house will become fully-owned once the payment is complete. At most it can be said that it will be 50% of the bank and 50% of the borrower. The data were released by Crif, a national credit observatory and in general, in Italy, 34.6% of the population has a debt that is still being repaid in installments. Apparently the Italians request loans and mortgages in order not to give up satisfying their own desire.


What are the goods or services for which Italians apply for loans?

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Having ascertained that Italians are not only savers but also debtors, what do they borrow more for? The expenses that we find in the first places are those to face the purchase of a car and the dental expenses. Immediately afterwards we find other purposes: there are those who ask for a personal loan to cope with bills with high amounts or those who request them to pay the administrative penalties received.

There are always microfinances suitable for the purchase of televisions, smartphones or latest generation technologies, but a phenomenon in net growth, regarding the request for online financing, are the holiday loans that Italians are hardly willing to give up. The recovery of the demand for credit is increasing, not only in these areas, but also as regards mortgages, which, although very slowly, have improved significantly compared to the last few years.


Here’s how Italians apply for loans!

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An increasingly important part of loan requests made by the Italians regards the transfer of the fifth, a financial product that allows to obtain very high amounts, up to $ 75,000, to be returned in 10 years in monthly installments. What is the peculiarity of the assignment of the fifth? As the name suggests, the amount of the installment that will be paid to return the amount obtained cannot be higher than one fifth of the salary or net pension.